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Used Mixer Trucks

As a Texas Dealer, we specialize in used mixer trucks. We feature only the best quality pre-owned used volumetric mixers, concrete trucks, used front discharge, Kenworth, Peterbilt and more. We also sell used concrete batch plants and an extensive inventory with stationary mixers, heavy duty trucks and more. We have supplied engineering services and training all over the globe. Business plans, technical drawings and layouts, flow patterns-analysis, and inventory analysis are a few of the services we have provided.

Texas Dealer Specializing in Mixer Trucks

Meet Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC Page

#1 The Customer is important to us!

Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC is an organization made up of individuals who are uniquely equipped in terms of training, expertise, experience, interest, and commitment to meet your needs for cement mixer trucks, concrete pumps, new and used concrete equipment, and comprehensive technical and engineering support along every dimension in the industry. We are proud of our products and our people, and we invite you to get to know us today. Here we are! Call or contact us to discuss your concrete requirements!

Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC is:

  • Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer
  • Texas company founded in 2000
  • Allied Member Texas Aggregate and Concrete Association (tx-taca.org)
  • Member National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (nrmca.org)
  • All concrete equipment sold carries certification by the U.S. Concrete Plant Manufacturer’s Bureau (cpmb.org) and/or the U.S. Truck Mixer Manufacturer’s Bureau (tmmb.org).

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Meet Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC

Fred Vincent, Jr.

Second generation new and used concrete equipment expert Fred Vincent, Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC’s CEO and Managing Partner, loves being involved with the motivated and capable people who build the world’s infrastructure from the ground up: a group he refers to as “the concrete guys.” Fred brings many years’ experience in the concrete industry, with involvement in every phase of the industry, including new and used concrete equipment, management, customer relations – domestic and international, and the highest level of formal education (Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA, University of Texas at Arlington, and Master of Business Administration - MBA, Texas Christian University) to Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC and to you! Despite his total commitment to meeting your needs for new and used concrete equipment, technical expertise, and concrete industry experience, Fred is involved in a number of personal interests and hobbies ranging all the way from impressive musical expertise (guitar and voice) to competitive bird hunting, bicycling, and other outdoor activities in which he has won numerous awards and titles. Fred is also active in concrete industry associations and organizations.

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Chris Vincent

Vice President for IT (Information Technology) Christopher Vincent is responsible for all of Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC’s website and online presence, online marketing, and the development of online and search engine marketing strategies. Chris, co-owner of Vincent Vacations, degreed in computer science and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), brings impressive expertise and experience in software engineering and architecture to Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC, whose highly trained engineers and concrete equipment and application specialists offer him the challenges of association with a responsive, professional, results-oriented organization. Chris also lends his personal and professional support to his religious faith and his musical interests, as an accomplished jazz saxophonist, study group leader, and fundraiser. Click to see Chris's profile on LinkedIn:

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