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Used Mixer Trucks

As a Texas Dealer, we specialize in used mixer trucks. We feature only the best quality pre-owned used volumetric mixers, concrete trucks, used front discharge, Kenworth, Peterbilt and more. We also sell used concrete batch plants and an extensive inventory with stationary mixers, heavy duty trucks and more. We have supplied engineering services and training all over the globe. Business plans, technical drawings and layouts, flow patterns-analysis, and inventory analysis are a few of the services we have provided.

Texas Dealer Specializing in Mixer Trucks

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Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC's customers include both large and small construction firms, paving companies, ready mix companies, concrete finishing companies, sand and gravel producers, and engineering firms. Whether your order is one, ten, or 100 trucks, we get the job done on time and at the right price!

Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC stocks the best selection of used concrete mixer trucks in the United States. We keep only trucks with the best available industry specifications on hand. If you are a 'not quite new' buyer, we are your supplier.

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batch plant

Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC offers new concrete batch plants in many different sizes and configurations. We’d be happy to quote you new-equipment upgrades for your existing concrete plant: main silos, auxiliary silos, dust collectors, cement screws (augers), stacking conveyors, radial stackers, computer systems and more. Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC also offers installation services for its new equipment and removal and disposal services for your old components.

Through a network of qualified lenders, Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC offers financing for your mixer trucks. Please click on the Equipment Finance link at the top of the page for more information.

Concrete Equipment: A Brief History and Commentary

It is difficult, no, impossible, to imagine anything of significance occurring in humankind’s external environment that does not involve – indeed, require in an absolutely essential sense -- the use of cement, concrete, and the heavy equipment that makes it all happen. Take a short trip anywhere. Around the world, across the country, across your community, or down the block: it is virtually certain that on that trip you will see what can be referred to without exaggeration, as “concrete in action!”

Not a topic of much contemplation by most people, concrete and the equipment that is used to make it are so integral to civilization and yet so complex in their origins, development, and applications, that it is almost only that group of people, the “concrete guys,” as Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC’s CEO and Managing Partner refers to them, that give the idea of concrete, cement, cement mixers, concrete pumping trucks, mobile and fixed concrete plants, concrete batching plants, and other equipment vital to the concrete and heavy construction industry much systematic thought. Stopping for a minute, however, to think about it, one is struck by the very idea that quite literally nothing gets “built” or significantly changed today – and, indeed, historically – without concrete and the equipment that is used in its manufacture and distribution in any civilization.

Throughout the world, and throughout history, humankind has sought to mold and manipulate the environment in which we live to meet the changing needs of the human creature. It is difficult, or impossible, to imagine projects that represent human progress in any significant way that do not involve and require cement mixing, pumping, transporting, and all of the complex engineering related to the use of concrete equipment and all of the processes that comprise its practical foundation.

It is not overstatement to assert that “nothing happens without concrete!”

Concrete and concrete equipment have been a part of every civilization known to humankind, according to the historical record that is available to us. From humankind’s earliest attempts to modify our environment to our highest and best use through the construction of shelter, workspace, leisure space, and infrastructure of every kind to the present, cement and cement mixing, concrete batching, transporting, pumping, and the creation of new space have been integral to every step in human progress.

Today’s concrete industry, itself a necessary condition for building things and for construction of “new space” in all its forms, is characterized by highly sophisticated equipment for “getting the job done.” Cement mixer trucks, heavy-duty trucks, concrete plants – fixed and mobile, concrete pumps, concrete batch plants – fixed and mobile, have been developed to meet the need for high-quality and ecologically friendly building projects from the smallest individual project to the grandest infrastructural projects undertaken by social groups from the village to both national and multi-national organizations.

The use of concrete as a necessary element in the construction of the infrastructures of various civilizations is easily traced to many early contexts. The need for cement is not difficult to understand; and it is as easily documented through the historical record.

Concrete is, itself, a construction material that is composed of cement (particular kinds of binders) with other “cementitious” materials, including limestone, gravel, and throughout history many other sometimes surprising materials, selected and developed through experimentation usually intended to result in structures that will last for a very long time. The word concrete derives from the Latin word, “concretus,” which means simply “hardened” or “hard.”

That basic chemico-physical process that results in the solidification and hardening of concrete is known as “hydration.” In this process, basic to the concrete industry, water is mixed with the cement and all the required components bond together creating a stone-like material. Concrete is used, of course, to pave, in the construction of buildings, foundations, roadways, bridges, overpasses, and virtually the entire infrastructure of modern civilization.

It is of interest to note that, according to some sources, concrete is used more than any other man-made material in the world!

At Heavy Truck and Mixer, LLC, we are acutely and enthusiastically aware that what we do is a part of the backbone of modern civilization. We consider that the equipment, experience, and expertise that we provide contributes to the success of our customers. Our construction equipment, the cement mixers, concrete pumps, concrete batching plants, and related equipment, together with the experience and expertise that we provide are here for you. We are prepared to meet your needs, and we are committed to doing so in both a timely and highly professional manner.

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