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Used Mixer Trucks 6X4

2006 International Paystar Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2006-International-Paystar-MTM-10.5-YD-Allison-AUTO1TX2006International PaystarMTM 10.5 YD Allison AUTO  $79,000 

2005 International Paystar Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2005-International-Paystar-MTM-10.0-Yd-Allison-AUTO1TX2005International PaystarMTM 10.0 Yd Allison AUTO  $65,000 

2005 Sterling Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2005-Sterling-MTM-10.5-Yd-Cat-C91TX2005SterlingMTM 10.5 Yd Cat C9 Eaton 9LL $65,000 ea 

2004 MACK DM690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2004-MACK-DM690-MTM-10.5-Yd-EM7-3001TX2004MACK DM690MTM 10.5 Yd EM7 300  $55,000 

2004 MACK GRANITE CV-713 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2004-Mack-CV-713-CMBW-10.5-YD-E7-3002TX2004Mack CV-713CMBW 10.5 YD E7 300  $62,000 ea 

2002 MACK RD690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2002-MACK-RD690S-MTM-10.5-YD-EM7-Engine1TX2002MACK RD690SMTM 10.5 YD EM7 Engine Sandblasted & Painted $42,500 

2001 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2001-MACK-DM690-SP-MTM-10.5-EM-72TX2001MACK DM690 SPMTM 10.5 EM 7 Sandblasted & Painted $39,500 ea 

2001 MACK RD690 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2001-MACK-RD690S-MTM-10.0-Yd-300HP1TX2001MACK RD690SMTM 10.0 Yd 300HP Allison Automatic $42,500 

2000 & 1999 Peterbilt Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-2000-357-Cum-Auto-Trans2TX2000357Cum Auto Trans CBMW 40,000 

1999 International 5000 Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-1999-International-5000-MTM-10.5-YD-CUM-9LL1TX1999International 5000MTM 10.5 YD CUM 9LL  $35,000 

1999 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-1999-Mack-DM690-MTM-10.5-Yd-EM75TX1999Mack DM690MTM 10.5 Yd EM7 T2080 Trans $34,500 ea 

1999 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck S&P

View More InformationTX-1999-MACK-DM690-SP-MTM-10.5-Yd-EM72TX1999MACK DM690 SPMTM 10.5 Yd EM7 Sandblasted & Painted $39,500 ea 

1998 MACK DM690S Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-1998-MACK-DM690S-MTM-10.5-Yd-EM72TX1998MACK DM690SMTM 10.5 Yd EM7 As Is $33,500 ea 

1997 International Concrete Mixer Truck

View More InformationTX-1997-INTL-MTM-10.5-CUM-9LL4TX1997INTLMTM 10.5 CUM 9LL Hendrickson $29,500 ea 

NEW Mixer Trucks

2016 Peterbilt Concrete Mixer Trucks NEW

View More InformationTX-2016-567-MTM-10.5-Yd-PX9-38010TX2016567MTM 10.5 Yd PX9-380 Allison Auto $157,900ea 

Used Mixer Trucks - BOOSTERS

1999 International Paystar 5000 with Booster

View More InformationTX-1999-IH-Paystar-5000-MTM-10.5-Yd-CUM-ISM1TX1999IH Paystar 5000MTM 10.5 Yd CUM ISM Eaton $31,000 

NEW Concrete Plants and Components

NEW 2015 Peak Max Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationCO-2015-Peak-60-120Yd_Hr-Dust-Collector1CO2015Peak60-120Yd/Hr Dust Collector  $122,534 

NEW 2015 SoLo 10S Concrete Batch Plant (Semi-Portable) 10 yards

View More InformationTX-2015-CCE-SoLo10S-10-yd-batcher-150-yd_hr1TX2015CCE SoLo10S10 yd batcher 150 yd/hr 40T Silo $155,000 

NEW 2015 SoLo 12yd Concrete Batch Plant (Semi-Portable)

View More InformationTX-2015-CCE-SoLo12-12yd-Batcher-66T-Agg-Bin1TX2015CCE SoLo1212yd Batcher 66T Agg Bin CPMB rated $185,000 

NEW 2015 SoLo 4C Fully Portable Concrete Batch Plant 6yd

View More InformationTX-2015-SoLo-4C-85yd_hr-6yd-batcher1TX2015SoLo 4C85yd/hr 6yd batcher Fits in a 40' Container $116,000 

NEW 2015 SoLo 5000 Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX-2015-5000-65-yd_hr-40T-silo1TX2015500065 yd/hr 40T silo 2 bins $125,000 

NEW 2015 SoLo 5LP Low Profile Dry Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX-2015-SoLo-5LP--25T-agg-bin1TX2015SoLo 5LP 25T agg bin 133 BBL cement silo $155,000 

NEW 2015 SoLo 5LP Low Profile Dry Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX-2015-SoLo-5LP--25T-agg-bin1TX2015SoLo 5LP 25T agg bin 133 BBL cement silo P.O.R 

NEW 2015 SoLo 6LP Low Profile Dry Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX-2015-SoLo-6LP-40T-Silo-(2)-25T-agg-bin1TX2015SoLo 6LP40T Silo (2) 25T agg bin SELF ERECTING SYSTEM $195,000 

NEW 2015 SoLo2530 Dry Concrete Batch Plant PORTABLE

View More InformationTX-2015-SoLo-2530--8-yd3-agg-bin1TX2015SoLo 2530 8 yd3 agg bin Can be towed with a Pick Up Truck $55,000 

NEW Compulsory Continuous Mixer Trailer

View More InformationCO-2015-CCM--1CO2015CCM    

Used Concrete Plants and Components

2015 Refurbished Fastway Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX-2015-Fastway-4-Bins-1TX2015Fastway4 Bins   75,000 

2006 Port-A-Pour Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationTX-2006-Port-A-Pour-30-ton-Silo-1TX2006Port-A-Pour30 ton Silo   $250,000 

1994 Ross UniRover 12 YARD Concrete Batch Plant

View More InformationOK-1994-UniRover-12-YD-200-yds_hr1OK1994UniRover12 YD 200 yds/hr Self Erecting $165,000 

High-Spec Concrete Plants

Aggregate Recharge Bin (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Agg-Recharge-Bin-10-cu-yds-Skid-mounted2TX2014Agg Recharge Bin10 cu yds Skid mounted Computer automated  

Auxiliary Aggregate Bin (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Aux-Agg-Bin-10-cu-yds-Skid-mounted2TX2014Aux Agg Bin10 cu yds Skid mounted Standalone bin  

Batch House (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Batch-House-8-x-20-Skid-mounted2TX2014Batch House8' x 20' Skid mounted Climate controlled  

Batch Plant and PUGMILL, Magnum (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Magnum-Plant-250-yds_hr-2-4-bins2TX2014Magnum Plant250 yds/hr 2-4 bins Enclosed delivery conveyor  

Batch Plant, Matrix 500 (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Matrix-Plant-500-tph-Road-legal-trailer-frame2TX2014Matrix Plant500 tph Road legal trailer frame Batch & cont mix  

Batch Plant, Matrix FF (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Matrix-FF-Plant-200-yds_hr-High-volume2TX2014Matrix FF Plant200 yds/hr High volume Fully automated  

Batch Plant, Matrix PB (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Matrix-PB-Plant-1100-_-100-cu-ft-Additive-blending2TX2014Matrix PB Plant1100 & 100 cu ft Additive blending Computer controlled  

Batch Plant, Max (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Max-Plant-150-yds_hr-2-3-bins2TX2014Max Plant150 yds/hr 2-3 bins Pintle Hitch Towable  

Double Pod Trailer (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Double-Pod-Trailer-120-cu-ft-Pint-hitch-towable2TX2014Double Pod Trailer120 cu ft Pint hitch towable Fully automated  

Fiber Batcher (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-FIber-Batcher-110-cu-ft-Skid-mounted2TX2014FIber Batcher110 cu ft Skid mounted   

Lo-Pro 1100 Batch Plant (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-LP-1100-1100-cu-ft-Pintle-hitch-towable2TX2014LP 11001100 cu ft Pintle hitch towable 2500 lbs/min del per auger  

Lo-Pro 1100-D

View More InformationTX-2014-LP-1100-D-1100-cu-ft-700-lbs_min-per-auger2TX2014LP 1100-D1100 cu ft 700 lbs/min per auger Integrated filtration  

Lo-Pro 850 Batch Plant (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-LP-850-850-cu-_ft-Pint-hitch-towable2TX2014LP 850850 cu /ft Pint hitch towable Integrated filtration  

Services Trailer (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Services-Trailer-10000-gallon-Generator2TX2014Services Trailer10,000 gallon Generator Climate controlled  

Spreader Trailer (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Spreader-Trailer-50000-lb-Variable-flow-control2TX2014Spreader Trailer50,000 lb Variable flow control Road legal  

Super Sacker (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Super-Sacker-2200-lbs_min-Skid-mounted2TX2014Super Sacker2200 lbs/min Skid mounted Cement or super sacks  

Symmetry Cuttings Disposal Unit (CDU) (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-CDU---Converts-cuttings-to-soil-2TX2014CDU- Converts cuttings to soil    

Tilt-up 1150 Trailer Silo (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Tilt-up-1150-1150-cu-_ft-Integrated-dust-filtration2TX2014Tilt-up 11501150 cu /ft Integrated dust filtration Pintle Hitch Towable  

Truck Loading Hopper (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Truck-Loading-Hopper-650-tph-Road-legal-trailer-frame2TX2014Truck Loading Hopper650 tph Road legal trailer frame Weighs a legal truck load  

Vertical 4000 Silo (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Vert-4000-Silo-4000-cu-_ft-Integrated-dust-filtration2TX2014Vert 4000 Silo4000 cu /ft Integrated dust filtration 2500 lbs/min del per auger  

Weigh Pod (New)

View More InformationTX-2014-Weigh-Pod-120-cu-ft-Skid-mounted2TX2014Weigh Pod120 cu ft Skid mounted   

Available Options

19XX USED Central Dust Collector 6,000 CFM

View More InformationTX-UNK-C_W-Baghouse-Dust-Collector-6000-CFM1TXUNKC&WBaghouse Dust Collector 6000 CFM   

NEW 60 Ton Silo With Auger

View More InformationTX-2015-60T-Silo--1TX201560T Silo   30,000 

Concrete Cooling Conveyor

View More InformationCO-2014-Cool-Belt-250-CU-YD-HR-5CO2014Cool Belt250 CU YD HR    

2013 Troxell Cement Pigs Available for Rental, 4000 cuft (24 ea)

View More InformationAR-2013-Pig-Rentals-4000-cuft-24AR2013Pig Rentals4000 cuft    

NEW 2013 Auxiliary Cement Silo New with Warranty

View More InformationTX-2013-CEMCO---Self-Erecting-with-Auger4TX2013CEMCO  Self Erecting with Auger Portable P.O.R.  

NEW 210 BBL / 40 ton Portable Silo

View More InformationTX-2013-SL40-Portable-Gasoline-powered1TX2013SL40Portable Gasoline powered   

Work Truck Platform Bed

View More InformationTexas-2013-With_Without-Tool-Boxes-Goosneck-Hitch-_-Cover-DOT-Lights5Texas2013With/Without Tool BoxesGoosneck Hitch / Cover DOT Lights Diamond Plate Floor  

Front End Loaders

1996 Samsung SL-180-2 Front End Loader - 3 Yard

View More InformationAR-1996-Samsung--1AR1996Samsung    

Case 621D with 3 Yard bucket S/N JEE0135288

View More InformationTX--621D-Erops-w_A_C-1TX621DErops w/A/C    


NEW 2015 4 Cubic Yd Concrete Mixer Trailer

View More InformationCO-2015-Peak--CO2015Peak    

Tytal Crude Oil Tanker, 200 BBL

View More InformationLaredo-TX-2014-Crude-Tank-200-Crude-Oil-8400-gal*Laredo, TX2014Crude Tank, 200Crude Oil 8,400 gal Aluminum  

Tytal Pneumatic Tanker

View More InformationLaredo-TX-2014-Pneu-Tanker-1060-cu-ft-Aluminum*Laredo, TX2014Pneu Tanker1060 cu ft Aluminum Dry Bulk  

2013 Peak Cement Spreader Trailer

View More InformationCO-2013-Peak-Cement-Trailer5CO2013PeakCement Trailer   

1985 Freuhauf Pneumatic Tanker

View More InformationOK-1985-Freuhauf-1060cuft-Steel1OK1985Freuhauf1060cuft Steel   

1980 Heil Pneumatic Tanker

View More InformationTX-1980-Heil-1060-cu-ft-3-Pod1TX1980Heil1060 cu ft 3 Pod   

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